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FSC chain certificates prove that all the processing cycle of wood is from the certified forests and is not mixed with uncertified timber. This certificate certifies that the certificate holder's supplied product is wholly or partly made of timber products sourced from FSC- certified forest. It is issued to the forest managers, logging, and wood processing companies. Supply chain certificate is an integral part of the product labeling and FSC trademark use. Without this certificate, the company has no right to label their products with the FSC label even if the timber is obtained from the FSC- certified forest.

PEFC Chain of Custody certification is based on the requirement to ensure traceability of certified material from the forest to the final product. Certifications include all processing, manufacturing, distribution, and marketing stages through which the product comes from the forest to the end consumer. Chain of Custody certification provides proof that the certified product has come from well- managed forests, as well as stating that these products in any of the links in the chain are not mixed with products from the forests of unknown origin

PEFC Certificate

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